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CUT LIST CREATOR Blender Add-On by Orange Turbine

What is Cut List Creator?  It's a Blender export add-on that generates a woodworking cut list .exe file from the objects in a scene, created so you can design furniture or other woodworking projects in Blender and instantly know the sizes of each type of wood you'll need to physically build it in the shop.

Digital Render Furniture Design

Interesting back story.  My son, Paolo is our Blender designer.  He creates all the wonderful digital renderings you see displayed here and on our social media pages.  We really wanted to be able to create cutlists from our renders and that's when we started dicussions with Blender.  Orange Turbine collaborated with us to create the add-on that is now available for purchase through Blender Market.  Check out the video demo below.

Video Demo

Our customers love being able to see their ideas and designs come to life with these detailed renders and we love having a program that provides accurate cut lists for our woodworking projects. 

Digital Rendering vs Actual

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