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Selecting the Right Type of Wood for Your Custom Built Furniture

Some customers immediately know the type of wood they want to use when ordering their custom built pieces of furniture. Basically wood types can be put into two categories: Hardwoods and Softwoods. Most people think that hardwoods are harder than softer woods but the two categories primarily refer to the type of growth or tree vegetation that they are taken from. Softwood is taken from coniferous (cone bearing) evergreen trees with needles. Hardwood is taken from deciduous trees that are leaf bearing and drop their leaves in winter.

Choosing the right type of wood for furniture


Hardwood lumbers are generally denser and more durable making them ideal for furniture that can withstand heavy use like a dining table. Hardwood furniture tends to be more expensive because of higher material cost and it also requires more labour time to create the finished product.


Softwood lumbers are typically lighter and less expensive, making them a great choice for furniture with budget and weight considerations. Softwoods can be treated with high quality finishes to help them become more durable.














Maple Top TV Stand with Sliding Doors
Maple Top TV Stand

Maple is a popular choice in furniture design for many reasons. It has less grains than other wood types and creates a clean, smooth finish. Most people prefer to keep a natural look to their custom maple furniture adding only a natural stain to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

Maple Natural Finish Live Edge Dining Table
Maple Natural Finish Live Edge Dining Table
Oak Sideboard with Built-in Winerack
Oak Sideboard with Built-in Winerack


Oak furniture is another popular choice for furniture due to its strength, durability, and attractive, detailed grain. It comes in two main types: red oak, which has a warm, reddish tone, and white oak, which is more durable and has a lighter, more neutral colour. Oak is a very versatile wood that can be stained to various shades, making it adaptable to different design aesthetics.

Walnut End Tables


Walnut is best known for its rich, dark colour and fine grain. It's a hardwood that's strong, yet easy to work with, making it a favourite for furniture makers. Walnut's deep tones creatue a sense of luxury and warmth to any piece.

Adjustable Height Walnut End Tables
Adjustable Height Walnut End Tables



Pine is a softwood that's light in weight and colour. It's less expensive than most hardwoods, making it a popular choice for budget-friendly projects. Pine is much easier to work with which can sometimes lead to less labour costs. Pine easily absorbs paint and stains well creating many differnt finishing options as shown in the photos below.

Pine Dining Table
Pine Dining Table

Pine Entertainment Centre with Sliding Door Storage
Pine Entertainment Centre
Pine Live Edge Coffe Table with Walnut Stain
Pine Live Edge Coffee Table

Pine Bunk Bed - Queen over King - Adult Bunk Bed
Pine Bunk Bed
Cedar Wood Posts
Cedar Wood Posts for Address Signs


Cedar is probably best known for fencing projects but it can certainly be used for furniture making. Its especially a great choice for outdoor furniture since its resistant to insect damage and decay. Stain choices are slightly limited because of Cedar's natural red undertones. It's best to stick with lighter stain choices for Cedar.

Visitor Parking Cedar Post Sign
Cedar Wood Post

Pine Solid Wood Bed with  Matching Nightstand
Pine Bedroom Set
Maple Top Kitchen Island with Winerack
Maple Top Kitchen Island

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right wood for your custom piece of furniture depends on several factors, including the piece's intended use, budget, and personal design preferences. If you are still unsure which wood type is best for you, be sure to speak with a professional woodworker who will help guide you in making the right choice for your specific needs.

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